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Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Kolkata

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Turning a property into a home is a very personal experience and no one wants to make mistakes in the process. We are here with tips for first time buyers of flats in Kolkata and even if it isn’t your first, you can take a look and treat these points as a checklist while buying your new home!

1. What You’re Looking For

Before you buy a flat in Kolkata, research on the type of residence that might serve your needs. Also consider what you can afford and how much financing you can secure. Every buyer needs to have a fair idea of the kind of house, kind of amenities, location and such other aspects they would require.

2. Plan Your Expenses

Consider taking a home loan and plan your expenses keeping in mind the present as well as the future costs that you might have to bear. Take into consideration the tax benefits, interest payments, principal repayments, additional charges and sanctions while planning your budget.

3. Evaluate Competitive Bank Rates

One must choose the lowest interest rate home loan and move ahead with refinancing of loan if the interest rate is falling. It is crucial to plan finances based on income. One can opt to pay more than one EMI a year which will reduce the loan tenure and interest cost.

4. Find A Reliable Agent

A good real estate agent will help you in locating houses and flats in Kolkata that will meet your needs and are within your price range. They also have enough experience with past clients to help you with getting a loan, completing paperwork, negotiating and others.

5. Reputation Of The Builder

It is imperative to consider the reputation as well as the track record of the builder or promoter of the property you wish to purchase. Best way to attain it is testimonials of their clients, especially those who have purchased similar flats in Kolkata. You will get to know how efficient they are in completing the projects, whether they overshoot the stipulated time and how the quality and longevity of their construction work is.

6. Inspect Your Neighborhood

The value of a property is influenced by the amenities surrounding it. Houses in a good and resourceful neighborhood are priced higher than normal, however, it also eases your day-to-day work. Make sure you choose a neighborhood that has the resources you would need to lead a hassle-free daily life.

First time home buyers have a lot on their plates but we are here to make your journey towards putting together a good, safe and secure home easier. PropShala does not just help in listing properties and flats in Kolkata but also does its best to ensure a smooth buying experience for all its users.

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