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How Is Boost In Real Estate Industry Increasing Investment in Building Material?

Today, the real estate industry jumped to $492 million according to a report in 2022. The initiative focuses on building sustainable buildings which are aesthetically pleasing and functional. One of the architectural materials that have fascinated the modern real estate industry is the Aluminium Composite Panel. The panels add a stylish and contemporary touch to buildings along with providing the required stability.

ACPs : Why do Builders Choose Them?

Paints are more of an old-school tradition in today’s fast-paced growth of residential towers and sky scapers. Paint can not sustain the quality over years, and no matter which premium quality one purchase, it would wash off in a few years after coming in contact with rain and environmental pollution. 

To curb the challenges of acrylic paint, ACP sheet was introduced in the early 2000s by architects who were already working in Dubai. The benefits amazed modern builders, and steeply became popular building materials for exterior and interior facades. 

Advantages of Aluminium Composite Panel

The ACP panels are made of aluminium, with a thermoplastic core, along with PVDF/FEVE coating that meets a wide range of demands put up by architects and builders, for high-rise construction projects. Here is a list of some of the advantages that make the panel essential for new-age construction:

Time-Efficient Installation

One of the benefits of choosing an Aluminium Composite Panel is the process of installation is time-efficient. The panels are added over the walls, by adding a metal frame on which panels are added with the help of rivets and nuts. 

Tools such as manual and automatic router help in shaping the panel in numerous sizes, and shapes making it easy to install in different locations of the building. 

Uniform Temperature Control

Today, residential towers are 40, 60, and even more than 60 stories, which makes them prone to climate change, as the temperature on the ground floor differs a lot from one of the topmost floors. The addition of ACP sheets helps in keeping a uniform temperature, as the panel traps the heat inside, making it appropriate for winter and summer. 

Highly Resistance And Excellent Price

If you are a builder, price is one of the major factors for consideration during the selection of building materials. ACP Panels are highly resistant to damage, this building material hardly needs maintenance, and can last long up to 50 years if installed properly. The lower maintenance and tough-to-damage material add to the overall cost, making it fundamentally more reasonable than other composite materials like HPL, or fiber panels. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

Today real estate market is mostly constructed for delivering the needs of commercial and residential purposes. So, if the building is pleasing to look at, it will not only adds aesthetic value but also reflects the company’s value.

Real estate marketers and flat buyers value a building that has eye-pleasing interior and exterior design. Be it a 3-D design, CNC cut, or matt look, ACP sheet designs are vibrant and versatile, allowing the builders to show the consumer, the cost of the building is worthy of investment. 

Final Thought

The real estate market in metro cities and tier-1, Tier-II cities is in a boom, as more and more people are investing in a dream home, builders are cautiously choosing the right building material. In the blog, we have mentioned the growing need for ACP sheets, and why most builders are incorporating modern high-rise buildings. A facade that gives timeless beauty is beneficial for modern real estate investments. Check out some of the best real estate investment opportunities at PropShala, where you can find the best flats to buy.

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