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These 9 Documents Are A Must-Have Before Purchasing A Property in Kolkata

property in Kolkata

Have you made up your mind to invest in a property in Kolkata? Wait! We do not want you to commit the mistake of rushing with your purchase decision only to realize later that all your precious savings have gone. 

While zeroing in on the property of your dreams, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. If you turn a blind eye to the legalities before purchasing a property in Kolkata, you run a risk of being cheated by the builder or developer of the property. 

So, in today’s blog, we have taken the time to explain each document in the simplest manner possible. 

Let’s dive into the list.   

  • Allotment Letter – This is one document you will need to get your home loan sanctioned. It is issued by the builder/co-operative society/housing authority to the first owner. The other owners (if any) can ask for a copy of the original letter from the seller, previous owners, or the developer of the real estate property in Kolkata. The allotment letter incorporates all the compulsory details including the deadline for the payment to be made, the price agreed upon, the amount paid by the buyer to the developer, and a description of the real estate in Kolkata.  
  • Sale Agreement – This is also one of the documents that you will be required to produce in the bank while applying for a home loan. It entails all the important particulars of the property such as date of possession, payment plan, terms and conditions, specifications, amenities, etc. The agreement also holds the builder or the developer responsible for the construction of the building.
  • Payment receipt – This document serves as proof of the payment that you have made to the developer or seller. You must collect and document the original payment receipt that you have received from the developer if you are buying a brand new property. In the case of a resale property, make sure you maintain a copy of the same because you will need it to get your home loan approved. 
  • Property tax receipt – They serve as evidence of the legal status of the property. Any person who occupies or owns a property is obligated to pay property taxes. Before you take possession of the property, ensure that the previous occupant or owner has cleared all its property taxes with no outstanding dues. 
  • Sale Deed/Title Deed/Mother Deed/Conveyance Deed – It acts as legal proof of the sale and transfer of property possession from the builder or the seller to the homebuyer. The Sale Deed establishes the ownership of the title of the property. It is compulsory to register the sale deed in the Sub- Registrar’s Office of the area where the property is located. This has to be done within 4 months from the date of execution of the agreement. 
  • Completion Certificate/Occupancy Certificate – Before shifting to a real estate property in Kolkata make sure it complies with all the state laws and is suitable for inhabitance. Check the completion certificate that is issued by the municipal corporation to claim that the construction of the property is as per the sanctioned plan and the safety norms of the State and the Government Buildings Act, 1899. 
  • Copy of Building Plan – Also known as a site plan, it outlines the structure of the property, hardware design, and utilities. A copy of the building plan will help you get an idea of the orientation and view of each room. As a buyer of a property in Kolkata, you must get the copy approved by the statutory body. The statutory body will claim whether the construction of the property is an authorized one or not.
  • Possession Letter – It is issued by the developer to the buyer, and sets a date on which the former would grant the latter the possession of the property. You will need an original copy of this document to get a home loan. 
  • Encumbrance certificate – This document is meant to tell the buyer whether the property they are buying is free of all financial and legitimate liabilities or not. It can be procured from the office of the Sub-Registrar where the property has been enlisted.

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The above-mentioned documents obligate the builder to meet on their promises. As a buyer, it saves you from a lot of avoidable disputes on the part of the developer. These documents will give you peace of mind knowing that your ownership of the property is unquestionable and secured. 

If you found the information helpful and can remember anybody who would benefit from reading this blog, please feel free to share and pass on your wisdom. 

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